Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ammon Has a New Job

Ammon has changed from a Business Suit and tie to scrubs and operating tools. Well not entirely. He has to wear the Shirt and tie until he can convince someone to let him in the operating room with them as they use the medical device he has sold them for spinal surgery. He has gone to school and training for about three months with hands on to learn how to use the medical devices for back surgery. He has gone through a cadaver and  many other things as part of his training. Again nothing comes without sacrifice. He is already working in Az. He has the whole state of Az for this company. Brooke is in Ky until they can sell their house. Ammon is staying with Bill's parents until it is time to buy a house and settle in with his little family. Brooke is a trooper keeping up with three very active and intense little kids day in and day out by herself. They are a great team and feel like it will bless their family to not have Ammon traveling so extensively and doing something he loves. Here's his new look.